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From the World January 15, 2020


Here’s one that we’re utterly excited about.

For a few months, rumors have been that the Rave boys —one of our favourite skate crews out of Europe right now — have been working on a full length video. When you know how much work a skate video, let alone a full length one, demands on both side of the lens, it’s an impressive feat, especially since they only launched their label 3 years ago.

PJ Chapuis and his clique have proved from the start they’re not the lazy types either, always putting their all in and nailing every project they put out to the world, something tells us that ‘Family & Friends’ will follow this tangent; There’s talk of the boys staying locked in their editing dungeon for weeks now. That Mike Gazon cameo. The sight of many Bordeaux locals we’re hyped to see on the big screen. Everything gets us hyped to watch the video and judging from the teaser below, it’s shaping up to be memorable. If you’re in Paris, we highly recommend that you cancel any plan you might have on the evening of the 15th, and head to ‘Sacré’ for what should be everything but a quiet night at the library….

… And if you happen to live in the South West area, we’d highly recommend keeping up to date via their Instagram, as something tells us this will hit a big screen in Bordeaux very soon…

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