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Admittedly we’re a bit late to the party on this one.

We actually heard about this through Aaron at Sml. wheels seeing as he’s been posting various clips on the gram of late.

In fact at first you’d be easily mistaken into thinking this is some form of Sml. backed production considering it stars half their team. Turns out it’s actually the latest full length video from filmmaker Evan Schiefelbine.

Shot entirely on an iPhone 8, ROSIE’S RAMONA is an audacious full length experimental movie. A visual poem of sorts, constantly shifting between time and space, intermittently cutting skate lines with landscapes. Voiceovers come and go.

The synopsis simply reads As Dudley Rambleman travels across the continent he thinks of the people in his past and present, and he thinks a lot about skateboarding.

It’s a bold experiment and one which will certainly garner negative critiques from certain low attention spanning humans in today’s Instagram obsessed generation. Nevertheless it’s a unique piece of work and one which should be commended for it’s free thinking structure and larger than life scope.

Oh and we almost forgot. It features the likes of Austyn Gillette, Sammy Montano, Ben Pualsrud, Danny Garcia, Lisa Whitaker, Colin Kennedy, James Craig, Justin Drysen, Ronnie Creager, the list goes on….

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