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All Together Thank You is the latest short from Braiden Maither.

Shot over the last 3 months of Maui’s winter ATTY is a raw 6 minutes of legit footy.

“While the surf world sees the huge jaws swells and the occasional beautiful Honolua Bay photo, the people who surf here everyday see a different picture. Majority of winter the wind is howling, Pipe will be 8ft perfect and west, while we get major island blockage and surf two foot close outs. Somehow Maui still produces crazy talent. So next time you see an edit from a Meola or a Marzo just know that lots of hours were spent driving in circles and surfing in 20 mile an hour wind chop. We will still be right here doing the same thing!”

Presented by Imperial Motion

Filmed By Kamala Maither
Additional Filming Malik Hurdman- Jon Spenser- Davin Phelps- Jake Hughson
Music By Happy Happy Joy Kill by Company Flow- Hard Times by Cro-Mags- Track 7 by Denzel Curry- Gunbeat Falls by Shabazz Palaces

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