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Originals, Videos March 13, 2020July 13th, 2020

Not Here By Luck: Cata Diaz

Video: Guillem Cruells, Photos: Roger Ferrero

For those dedicated readers of Volume VI, Cata Diaz needs no introduction.

(For those out the loop, you can still cop limited copies with any order from Wasted Talent Boutique).

Continuing our ongoing collaboration with Nike SB, the latest in our Not Here By Luck series took us to the sun drenched streets of Barcelona, arguably the mecca of European skateboarding, as we cruised around with local hero, Cata Diaz.

cata 2 trick.jpg

Originally from Valparaiso, a Chilean port city, skateboarding wasn’t the easiest path for Cata. “Where I come from we didn’t even have a skatepark when I started skating. We had to make our own ledge, our own flat bar.”

Not long after she started skating she went on holiday in Barcelona for a while – as she puts it – “her mecca of skating”. There she started filming with her friends on the street, After a brief hiatus in Morocoo that was it, faced with the choice between skateboarding and college – she decided that she to move to Barcelona full time, there cementing her local status at Macba. The famous plaza next to which she now lives. 

cata website 5.jpg

Hanging out with Cata is life at 100% miles an hour. We hang at Macba, Parallel and Montjuic.  Even though Cata’s physical existence is in Barcelona, her soul remains firmly Chilean – she takes us to her favourite Chilean restaurant in town where we sink a few Terremoto cocktails and gouge ourselves on traditional Chilean fare. Over lunch she explains her love of reggaeton and we’re quick to learn that she’s got an acute taste in cinematography – one which we approve of a lot. It seems that Cata’s good vibes are infectious as we hang with her friends, more of the Nike SB team whilst tucking into a few beers at Amigos skateshop and FTC’s photo exhibition. 

cata website 1.jpg

The main thing that we learnt is that Cata lives for skateboarding. She skates fast and the consistency with which she stomps tricks impressed the whole team all trip.  Her focus and dedication are unparalleled and despite her young age, her maturity in approach to her skating shines bright. 

cata website 2.jpg

“Skateboarding takes the best part of me. That’s why I always come back for more”

Cata Diaz

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