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We’ve been raving about Ben Ericson ever since Evergreen Blues & Pacifc Standard Time.

If you slept on those you can watch both alongside our exclusive interview with Ben here.

He then followed up with Vivaduct, an experimental tribute to the demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct that we loved and feel deserves way more than its current view count.

Hillside – which loyal readers will recognise from the recent pages of Volume VI -reunited Ben with skateboarder Dylan Dowd and documents Dylan building a DIY spot next to a dilapidated motel.

His latest release Wester is more a straight forward skate part than any of his previous offerings but we can’t complain. Kyle Nolan is a boss and Ben’s skill behind the lens both digitally and on analog, is a joy to behold.

During these times of self isolation there’s no excuse not to watch it and then revel in Ben’s previous work below.

Thanks for lifting our spirits Ben!

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