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Putting together an independent surf video is no easy task.

Let alone a self funded, 40-minute one, shot across three continents in the space of a year. Although Jamie Krups, Oscar O’shea and friends have done just that with FAIRY.

After meeting Jamie in his homeland in Australia last summer, we didn’t expect to be living in the heart of the film’s production a few months later: the boys ended up renting what would be their European headquarter 50 meters from Bourdaines beach — a WT staple. Picture the set-up: The numerous snapped boards lying in the front yard. The morning checks & sandy rental cars. The mini-DVs and point & shoot cameras out at all times. The footage-reviews over bottles of red followed by late nights to celebrate the daily hammers. The camaraderie between the lads was infectious and a reminder of why we love surf films in the first place: that youthful and simple excitement of working with your best friends toward a common goal, just for the love of it.

Soon after, the boys were back off to Australia, then Indonesia, it’s fair to say that past few months have been busy for Jamie and the gang. Between launching his own brand House of Ballet and pursuing his work as a graphic designer, his main occupation remained working hand-in-hand with Oscar to put the hours of footage together in the edit bay. After finally premiering the film on March 6th, they’ve just released it on the internet. For free. Whilst it may be a while before most of us can experience the joy of waxing up our boards, every distraction to keeping spirits high whilst in isolation is welcome, and FAIRY is a blessing in that regard.

Pour yourself a drink and indulge in 40-minutes of Noah Collins, Kalani Ball, Ben Penny, Samson Coulter, Seb Raubenheimer, Jamie Krups, Benjamin Howard, Kael Walsh, Letty Mortensen, Fraser Dovell, Holly Wawn & Harry Bryant sending it to an expertly picked soundtrack.

Chapeau bas to everybody involved and long live indie surf cinema.

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