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FM March 26, 2020July 9th, 2020

Wasted Talent FM #11: Craig Anderson

Photo:    John Respondek   .

Photo: John Respondek.

It’s unprecedented times we are living through.

However your grandparents went to war and we are being asked to sit on the sofa.

We can make it through this, and done right – in comfort, nay luxury! 

The humanity that will come out of the other side of this will be unparalleled. We will be closer than ever before, stronger, united and victorious over a common enemy. An enemy which has been defeated by following guidelines and isolating. Which brings me to the point. Isolation. Done right can be, well – luxurious. Eat well. Exercise (within guidelines) discover new books, new films, yoga. You have time – use it wisely. 

The humanity has already begun, we have reached out, and been reached out to by our community. It touches our soul every time and boasts morale ten fold. We hope you feel the same. 

To that, we reached out to a man that needs no introduction to get his take on things, some light to see us through this period of minimal outside contact. 

One of the most original and cultured minds in our immediate fold. Without further ado, Mr. Craig Anderson

“Craig here, here’s a playlist and a Patti Smith interview that makes me smile.

Hope everyone’s doing out there. Stay safe, best wishes.”

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