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From the World April 16, 2020July 3rd, 2020


Oscar Langburne is back at it again!

Making noise and quickly becoming a household name for all the right reasons.

Here’s another impressive clip to add to his collection.

Plus you get the added bonus of some Beatrice Dalle/Betty Blue homage for good measure.

We’ll hand it over to the man himself from here:

“The original idea was to do a film that was half long left and half right points that I thought might suit linking some turns. I guess it’s inspired by people I’ve been digging like the usual suspects like Parko, Steph, Curren, Asher, Craig etc plus Margo… he’s unbelievable. So decided on Raglan in NZ and some right points in Australia but only got the left hander section done due to travel restrictions. Also Billy Lee-Pope, who filmed and edited it, is now stuck in NZ cause of the virus lock down there so the right hander part will have to wait and become part 2 when we are allowed to move around again. “

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