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From the World April 30, 2020July 3rd, 2020


Morgan Maassen has been on a roll of late.

A few weeks after releasing his beautifully short on Imogen Caldwell (accompanied by a print article featured in our all new Volume VII), the Santa Barbara native is back at it with another great visual portrait, focused this time on Honolua Blomfield. Hailing from Oahu, Honolua happens to be one of the most gracious humans dabbling in the old board-walking game—she also happens to have two longboard world titles—and this 6-minute film, shot from Morgan’s unique perspective behind the lens has some of the most beautiful images we’ve seen of late. A must watch indeed.

As if releasing two stunning shorts wasn’t enough, Morgan followed it by the release of another great profile piece today. This one focusing on none other than Morgan’s dad, Jeff Maassen, and how the current situation is affecting his job as a professional urchin diver. As always, it’s gorgeously filmed and couldn’t be more relevant in a day and age where running independent businesses is anything but a walk in the park.

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