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We’ve always had a lot of time for Seb Smart.

Whether he’s unapologetically calling out the choice of “UK” surfers selected for the Olympics, sending us masterful choices for Film Club or just doodling away on Insta, Seb’s one of those few humans where what you see, is what you get. And let’s face it, we need more of those, especially in surfing.

So it’s always a pleasure to see him drop a clip of sorts, this being short and sweet. 108 seconds documenting a wobbly sucky left in Ericeira, Portugal cut to shots of the Thames in the 30s & 40s, where his grandfather Stanley acted as skipper of a tugboat after playing footy for West Ham boys.

Rumour is he’s a got a few more edits coming so watch this space.

Filmed by Calypso Mzera.

Edited by Seb Smart.

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