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It seems not a week goes by without Morgan Maassen dropping a video.

Following IMOGENE, which also graced our latest print issue, Morgan then shared his piece on HONOLUA, whilst also sharing a piece on his Father, Jeff Maassen.

Now we have the pleasure of VICTORIA, featuring fellow Hossegor local Victoria Vergara.

A good friend of ours who we often see more at airports then at our local beaches, until the pandemic hit at least. In fact we crossed paths in Lisbon Portela, LAX, Daniel K. Inouye International Airport & JFK last year.

The latter even leading us to share an uber with her & her Mum to Brooklyn.

It would be easy for one to assume Victoria’s just another glamorous long boarder leading that surfing/model crossover with a penchant for posting yoga videos on her IG stories. However if you take the time to get to know her, you’ll know that not only is she an extremely personable human who exudes good vibes with a devilish sense of banter, she’s also extremely switched on to world and current affairs. Oh she also surfs really well too.

To be honest surfing could do with more Victoria’s.

Here’s hoping we run into each other at the airport again one day soon…..

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