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Originals June 6, 2020July 3rd, 2020

Catching Up with Sammy Montano

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Sammy’s one of our favourites.

In fact we’ve probably spent more time with him in recent years than any other skater we know.

Our content editor Robin first hyped him up two years ago after filming with him in LA for Ulysses.

Our print editor Yentl then backed that up after travelling extensively with him across eastern Europe, assisting our friends David & Douglas with their project TEMPLE, of which you can view our behind the scenes here.

He featured in our Globe x Wasted Talent collaboration last summer and was one of the first people to contribute to our musical jukebox.

So since we’re celebrating his aptly titled Los Angered II colorway coming into stock at the boutique, we figured we should jump on the phone for a quick catch up.

Yo Sammy what’s up?

Yo yo! Is this gonna be one of those live stream interviews?

No, I’m just gonna transcribe it to text after.

Good cause I hate those ha! How you doing anyway?

I’m good, how’s things over there? From a European perspective it looks like America’s on fire right now?

Yeah I mean it depends where you are. There’s a lot of misinformation too. Did you hear about that fake MSNBC clip where they used World War Z footage?


Yeah this guy posted a fake MSNBC clip where they replaced protest footage with footage from that Brad Pitt movie World War Z and it went viral.

Fuck that’s crazy.

I mean shit’s real though. I was in West Hollywood staying at my chick’s house and that place is a fucking war zone. When I came out the next morning all the cars on the sidewalk were sprayed up and broken. It was insane.

Shit so where are you now?

Right now I’m in my back yard in Lomita. So it’s still LA but it’s not the city. The city is where it’s popping. 

Yeah I’ve seen some gnarly stuff on social media.

Yeah and I mean I had a bit of argument with this guy I know who was like “you know all cops aren’t bad cops”? And I’m like yeah, but all cops are trained the same. And there is obviously a racist mentality that comes with their training. And that’s the problem. I was speaking to this retired cop and he was telling me all this fucked up shit from the Rodney King riots and that’s why I don’t fuck with them.

Well hopefully this movement will finally lead to some changes and an awakening of sorts. It seems more people are involved now more than ever.

Well this time it’s worldwide it feels like. Seeing protests in London, Paris, Berlin etc. I mean all 50 states here protested which is crazy.

Well let’s just hope people mobilise and use their votes in November.

Yeah man, we gotta vote! There’s so much fucked up shit going on. Talking of fucked up shit, I just watched that Epstein documentary on Netflix.

Oh shit! I’ve not watched that yet.

It’s gnarly dude. It’ll put a knot in your stomach for sure.

Yeah I’m not sure I’m ready for that. How’s everything with going outside over there now?

I mean no ones talking about coronavirus here anymore. Everyone’s outside. We went to a restaurant yesterday.

How was that?

It was kinda weird but it was cool to get together and celebrate Aaron Kim’s part.

Yeah I watched it yesterday. I thought it was pretty sick!

Yeah he’s fucking insane. I’ve been hanging with that guy for like 15 years so it’s sick we’re on the same team. That’s all I’ve ever wanted, to have a homie that I can travel with. To have that little fucker on the team is insane. He’s a powerhouse, he deserves it. Fuck he’s been skating longer than me.

How’s Mark’s (Appleyard) part coming along?

I think it’s pretty much done. I mean he has a lot of footage. It’s probably gonna come out soon.

Is he stoked? Is the footage legit?

Dude I’ll be honest. For a guy who was arguably the best and is now 37 years old, he’s fucking ripping! Like, we skated a hand rail yesterday. I was trying pop shove nosegrind and Mark just did a kickflip front board on it like “that”. Like, to see some dude kickflip front board a hand rail at his age after being SOTY and all this shit. It’s amazing. You don’t see many pros his age still doing that shit. Like he’s an OG and he’s about to drop a full part. He still has the energy and the mentality to do it.

You been filming too?

Yeah I’m trying to get a part done for September. I’m probably sitting on 2 minutes right now so getting there slowly.

What gets you hyped right now? Any particular skaters or skate videos you’ve checked out recently?

Lately? Fuck, a lot of shit. Jamie Platt gets me hyped. He’s one of my favourite skaters right now. Oski gets me hyped. Kyron Davies. All those Atlantic Drift dudes. 

I didn’t expect you to say Jamie Platt but that guy’s got so good in recent years.

He reminds of Jake Johnson in the way he just makes everything look good y’know? I like that. If you can make pushing down the street look good then that’s sick. He has such incredible flat ground too, I didn’t even realise.

Yeah I’d be hyped to see a full part. Maybe in the next Polar video?

Yeah hopefully. All those Polar videos get me hyped too!

Talking of videos, that Australia clip was fun. You had a few decent clips in there.

Yeah my arm was broken on that trip. I wasn’t even supposed to skate. I’d only been recovering for a month and my doctor told me three months so I couldn’t really fall much. Had to make sure I landed my shit.

That spot with the fence where you did the half cab flip looked super sketchy.

Yeah it was really rocky up top. You have to go over some fake gap after the fence. There’s a DIY spot just behind there too. If you check Anthony Mapstone’s instagram and he’s skating a DIY, that’s where that spot’s at. They have beer can coping and shit. It’s pretty sick. 

Was that your first time in Australia?

Yeah dude it was so sick. People were super cool. The vibe was so different than here. Sounds stupid but even seeing people who’s job it is to separate recyclables from regular trash. Like, you can tell they care about their fucking environment. I back that shit. The food was crazy. Just seeing where Globe is from was an honour too y’know? People forget Globe’s Australian. Plus I got to see a kangaroo too! 

What next?

We’re going to Big Bear tomorrow for the day which should be fun. Otherwise just keep the filming going. I’ve been trying to do things I’ve never done before. Like, some technical shit that I’ve never really tried that somehow worked out.

Hopefully we’ll get to hang out again one day once we can travel the world again.

Yeah man I really wanna come back to Europe. I just love it out there. Like Belgium I could go to anytime. Paris, fuck I wanna be back there. The food there is so good. London as well. I like that shit. Those places hype me up. 

Well I look forward to seeing you in Europe again. 

Yeah I’m about to drink this and meet the guys.

(At this point Sammy shows off a green smoothie before necking it and then scrunching up his face).

What’s wrong?

So much ginger man.

Ginger’s great! What’s wrong with you?

Yeah I know but it’s so spicy!

What else is in it? 

Spinach, kale, ginger, chia seeds, coconut water, I don’t even know, it’s hitting me in the forehead right now. But it’s a good breakfast without eating too gnarly in the morning because I find if I eat in the morning, I just feel sluggish when I skate. So I just drink one of these, skate for a few hours and then eat something later on.

Makes sense. Thanks again for your time Sammy, speak soon.

Take it easy dude!

Sammy’s signature shoe, now available at Wasted Talent Boutique.


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