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If you’re familiar with us individually, you’ll know our team is comprised of characters who share a common interest for neat interiors.

Although with the recent lockdown keeping us within our walls for over two months, that interest grew into a bit of an obsession.

Soon enough we were asking our photographer friends for prints and spending way too much time talking to our local custom framer… After all, isn’t supporting creative friends in these uncertain times whilst freshening up our home a rather noble way to spend that money originally saved for dinners & nights out…?

That’s when blank prints popped on our radar.

Created by Eduard Wieandt and Nico Gregori, two Germans with an obsession for photography, blank is an online gallery/shop for selected images taken by upcoming photographers. The platform aims to promote the artists, and provide a place for them to sell prints of the highest quality. The idea originated when fresh-out of university, the pair wanted to customize their walls, although they quickly realized the reality that large format, high quality printed photographs are quite often out of reach for people with tight budgets. With the desire to create their own joint-venture, it didn’t take long for them to reach out to various artists, schedule visits at printing houses & lay out a business plan.


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With blank sharing our love for celluloid film, it’s no surprise that the images available on their site stole our hearts right away. Amongst the collective some names might be familiar, such as our very own print curator Yentl Touboul. Naturally the platform has already introduced us to a host of other talented photographers whose work we couldn’t help falling for. The soft colours of Barcelona based photographer Laia Sabaté being one, or the powerful yet delicate compositions of Alexandre Souêtre.

blank works closely with a seasoned printing house near Frankfurt. After spending countless hours in the factory experimenting with materials, the two friends agreed on a formula, being Alu-Dibond, Hahnemuhle photo paper, and acrylic glass as well as a size of 120 x 80 cm for all prints. Yep, if you’ve already seen prints this size you know it’s rather big and the results are simply gorgeous. is now online and we highly recommend you give their website a look and give these walls of yours some well deserved love!

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