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Naquan Rollings is fast becoming one of our favourite and most productive skate videographers out there.

Kill Bill marks his third edit in three months skating New York City.

From having the world’s highest infection rate of COVID-19 to protests against police brutality during a lockdown, New York’s had a pretty rough ordeal. And having continuously filmed throughout, (see Pre-Roll & ***ACAB*** below) there’s a visceral immediacy to Naquan’s clips in displaying a skate scene thriving, whilst the world around crumbles.

This is what skateboarding in NYC 2020 looks like right now.

And it’s all done with a refreshing fluidity to editing where nothing feels forced or pretentious. This is simply a window to Naquan’s daily views. Made all the more vibrant by excellent song choices, namely Kill Bill with Björk ‘Possibly Maybe‘ opening proceedings and MIKE’s ‘Allstar‘ ft. Earl Sweatshirt closing things out.

Here’s to more Naquan! Keep them coming…

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