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Last year, a few of us from WT and Adrien Toyon had the pleasure of visiting the Lebanon, to make our short film, Flight 566 to Beirut.

By now, you’ve by no doubt seen the devasting explosion that has ravaged the Port area and wider city of Beirut, and I’m sure it broke your heart as it did ours. Last year, we received the warmest welcome from everyone we crossed paths with. It is of note that the Lebanese are some of the friendliest people I have ever met. Articulate. Educated. Liberal. Supremely polite. Conversations are started by inquiring whether you prefer to converse in Français or English. A modern, progressive society reflected in its gentle people, keen to disparage the ghouls of the past and to show the rich cultural and social heritage of their beautiful nation. The Lebanon as had a turbulent past year to say the least, and this disaster, notably the implications it will have on the food supply into the country with no viable land borders and relies on that port of 85% of all imports is quite possibly the worst thing that could happen at present to this amazing country. 

Last night’s events ripped our hearts wide open and we knew we couldn’t sit back and do nothing as another blow to this amazing place hit our feeds.

To that end, 100% of all profits, both instore and online from Wasted Talent Boutique for the next 24 hours, or until the 6/8/20 will be going to the Lebanese Red Cross, you can also donate directly here.


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