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Robbie Rickard.The breath of fresh air we’ve been waiting for!

One thing we’ve realised during this utter shit show of a global pandemic, is that we’ve come to miss our Australian cousins immensely. Their endearing tastes for meat pies, average but overly celebrated beers,  4 x 4s, inexplicably called ‘utes’ and their brash but so charming manner has us feeling a touch nostalgic for our friends and their way of life ‘down under’ 

And this is where Robbie Rickard fits in  – my god, so unapologetically Australian!  

And we love him all the more for it! That mullet! Such swag! And when it comes to his surfing it’s the breath of fresh air we’ve been waiting for and more. Unlike every 17 year old this side of the world crab footing to the end section to take to the air. The anti – child to our darling protagonist of this piece, with his adverse inclement to taking to the skies, instead laying it on the rail. In spades! All set to the beat of  Strange Motel’s Transition – which if you haven’t heard we’d recommend getting right on that. 

Filmed & edited by Billy Lee-Pope.

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