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FORMER‘s CHEAP PERFUME is finally here! And as expected it’s golden.

Two exquisite parts from two of the most stylish skateboarders out there.

Austyn delivers as always with his trademark elegance of assured smoothness, consistently making the very difficult look very easy.

But it’s Jake Anderson who will undoubtedly earn the plaudits and deservedly so. It’s a part of raw power and technical prowess that’ll undoubtedly have you skimming back on multiple occasions, as your head tries to make sense of what your eyes just witnessed. We’re still processing his ender as we write this!

It’s a fitting testimony to the hard work the pair have put in over the past year, Austyn especially who has been running the brand almost single handedly in recent times.

You can find out more in our exclusive interview with Austyn here and shop FORMER directly from our boutique.

Filmed & edited by Jonathan Flechas.


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