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From the World October 8, 2020

PENTACOASTAL: The B-sides Series

It’s safe to say that Wade Goodall & Shane Fletcher’s magnum opus PENTACOASTAL is the perhaps the standout surf movie of 2020 so far.

Which is why it gives us great joy to see the guys have put together a collection of B sides that reluctantly couldn’t make the final edit.

Part One, beautifully scored by Rick Snowden’s Caribbean Bean may we add, showcases a recollection from a strike trip plagued with eggy winds, a junky swell and a wave that only broke on two of the days the guys were there. Yet somehow they snapped through the groundhog days and in an attempt to avoid the crowds at this particular reef, Dane, Wade & Tanner only surfed on the dead-low tides. Filming from the water, Shane Fletcher’s knees were scratching the reef on most waves. The joys of being a filmmaker.

Part Two captures a joyous night session with Wade, Harry & Kyuss during a full moon around 2am at Tea-Tree Noosa QLD. Cyclone OMA hit the east-coast of Aus and the crew hiked up to the point to night surf and escape the overwhelming crowds that took over the day light hours. The team wired up a car battery and a spot light adding a quirky psychedelic twist to proceedings.

You can find our exclusive print interview with Shane & Wade, along with a BTS portfolio in Volume VII over at Wasted Talent Boutique.

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