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Andréa Dupré is a man of many talents it seems.

As prolific in front of the lens as he is behind it, Outside In The Light marks his second edit in as many months following Long Lens.

With the exception of a few tricks this is essentially a Bordeaux montage, featuring all the usual suspects; Pierre Patissou, Samuel Payen, Braydune, Andréa Dupré, Amélien Foures, Gary Beasley, Oliver Boucle, Alex Richard, Arthur Giat, Truman Bottomley, Romain Dubourg, Alex Signor, Loïc Dorbani, Léo Valls, Sergio Cadaré, Joshua Marques, PJ Chapuis, Jocelyn & JT Saldou.

It also scores extra points for its song selection. You can’t go wrong with an Arthur Russell track opening proceedings.

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