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Usually snowboarding isn’t really our vibe.

But we couldn’t help but share the latest work from French photographer Jérôme Tanon.

Known for his snowboarding coverage over the years, Jérôme suddenly realised that he barely captured any genuinely epic shots of girls. This lack of photo works inspired him to follow some of the most talented female riders around the world for two years.

Heroes aims to fill this prominent void in the photographic representation of women in Wintersports, capturing the culture and progression in women’s snowboarding right now, as they become modern-day heroes. The work is shot entirely on a medium format film camera in black & white, with the use of etching, painting and bleaching over the negatives to make the silver-gelatin prints in the darkroom using the lith process, culminating in 288 page book filled with his photos & photographic processes as well as these women’s own stories and artwork.

Heroes is out now and available via Jérôme’s website here.


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