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From the World November 12, 2020February 3rd, 2021


Mikey Mallalieu is a name that should be familiar.

If not, you might have to consider updating your knowledge about the current surf-video landscape: Mikey is indeed behind some of the best surf edits gracing the worldwide web in recent years. Being a longtime friend of Noa Deane, as well as his official filmer, he’s the gentleman behind Ru.Bu 994Head NoiseCandle and other bangers of that caliber.

Today, Mallmic—as most people know him—reveals his latest project, R.U. Studio: An online outlet giving a life to the pleiad of B-sides that comes with filming with Noa and the likes. The first opus stars Noa, Shaun Manners, Creed McTaggart and Mr. Taj Burrow scoring some of Western Australia’s finest slabs.

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