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Willy Alliotti has long been a friend of Wasted Talent.

From our first trip to Scotland, in Scotch, to two trips with his lead sponsor Volcom keeping us on the loosest of leashes through Portugal, Spain and France. We also did a trip to Scotland that was never released. We should probably look into that.

Of late Willy has been focusing his attention to the more left of field surf craft, namely the variations with two fins or no fins at all from none other than Mr Lovelace himself.

Filmed in France, the Canaries and finishing up in good old chopes, here is some more words from the man himself.

“I have this board for the last 2 years now and it’s still like new,  made by Ryan Lovelace with a varial foam flex so it’s super strong  The board is just amazing –  I surf it only going left, the wide twin fin tails don’t work that good backside for me.  I’m always looking to find the limit of this board –  how fast the board can go or how high. 3 years ago Manuel my filmer had a twin fin from Ryan and we started making some videos and photo with the board to show Ryan. After we showed him I went to Santa Barbara in the winter to pick up my stretch boards and we meet Ryan for the first time and he did this magic”

Filmed & edited by Manuel Claudeville-Morell.

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