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Vans Skateboarding presents Alright, OK, a new skate film by Greg Hunt featuring Elijah Berle and Gilbert Crockett, with a special guest appearance by Justin Henry.

Shot over the course of two years, during which Elijah battled injuries, unsuccessful tricks and mounting pressures from every direction, the end result is yet another stellar entry in Greg’s incredible filmography and showcases Elijah’s best skating to date with a hammer-heavy part built through steely grit and determination.

Elijah shares the screen with Richmond native, Gilbert Crockett, whose contrasting, eccentric style flows alongside Elijah’s timeless form like yin to yang. With two distinct personas and influences shaped by their hometown origins, Elijah and Gilbert create a harmony of east and west coast qualities, each bred from tough work ethic and unique throwback style that’s all their own.

And if you’ve yet to see our short film with Elijah then hit the link below.

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