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The indigenous people of Colombia just have one message…
We’re running out of time to stop climate change.

Berlin based director Harun Güler‘s short film examines the modern environmental disaster that is inevitable due to mankind’s mistreatment of the planet.

Having resided in the secluded mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta since the arrival of Spanish colonialists, the existence of the Arhuaco is under increased pressure as continual conflicts, extensive waste and the need for continual capitalist growth disrupt the harmony of the local ecosystem.

Deeply spiritual, the Arhuaco believe that the Sierra Nevada is the heart of the world; and if the heart is sick, the whole body will eventually die.

Music by Bendik Giske, HAKAVA & Orson Hentschel

Produced & Co-Directed by Michael DiFranco McCarney & Eric Flores
DOP. Leander Ott
Editor. Benedikt Strick
Colorist. Jan Schöningh
B-Cam / Drone. Pablo Trujillo

Graphic Designer. Sascha Anton Jörres
Sound Engineer. Candaş Erdener
Translation. Ati Viviam Villafaña Izquierdo

Special thanks to Steven McCarney, Osiris Alvis McCarney, Moorea Morehart,
Milan Panek, Milena Schäpers
with very special thanks to Mamo Nelson Villafana, Mamo Alexandro Izquierdo, Mamo Felix
and the entire village of Gunchuckwa

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