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Filmmaker Gonzalo Hergueta‘s short film is an exploration of colour in NYC with photographer and art director Olga de la Iglesia.

Olga de la Iglesia is an artist whose work explores fashion through colours, merging the language of fashion with a documentary approach. Her work aims to blur the lines between the set and real life, and her projects usually delve into the relationship between colours and emotion.

Beautifully shot on Kodak film, Chromascope follows Olga as she wanders the streets, narrating her love for shapes, textures, colours and people.

Directed by: Gonzalo Hergueta
Written by: Alvaro Del Val & Gonzalo Hergueta
Cinematography: Javier Diaz
Edit: Alvaro Del Val
Post-production Coordinator: Jen Gothard @BinderyNYC
Color: Jenny Montgomery @Company3
Sound Design: Owen Shearer @SonicUnion
Executive Producer: Greg Beauchamp
Prod: Elana Sasson
1st AD: Ignacio Hergueta

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