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Photography by Stefan Klitzsch.

With the world in meltdown, you’ve probably contemplated escaping to New Zealand on more than one occasion this year.

Having spent a year out there in 2016, Munich photographer Stefan Klitzsch decided to increase our temptation by sharing photos from his time living in Wellington, often embarking on road trips along the coast to Christchurch.

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“My girlfriend quit her job. We cancelled our flat contract and off we were to a land I knew already and was 100 % sure she would like. My first trip to New Zealand was in 2009 and the next opportunity to stay there took seven years.

Inhabited by some of the most easy going people you could ever meet and with the mountains close to the sea, it’s everything you could ever ask for when you are into spending time outdoors, all packed into a manageable size”.

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“These photos are from a year in New Zealand, from driving around the countryside, from living in Wellington and visits to Christchurch, where the city landscape was still affected by the earthquake that struck the city in 2011. Camping, surfing, hiking. New Zealand is often brought into connection with great landscapes, but I hope to give a bit more of an intimate view of the place with this series of photos”. 


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