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2021 is already proving quite prolific for the Nordic skate scene.

Following on from Tor Ström‘s Until Then, and Markus Bengtsson‘s No Shame In My GameVans Europe have released Nordic Light. A 10 minute compilation shot across Denmark, Sweden and Finland, beautifully compiled together by Poetic Collective founder Tom Botwid, and featuring a bespoke musical score by his brother Paul.

Featuring Tommi Björk, Samuel Norgren, Mira Axelsson, Johan Bergljung, Nikolai Alin, Moa Zander, Oscar Säfström, Jonathan Sjöberg, Simon Hallberg, Eric Hedberg and Tom Botwid.

Additional filming by Markus Bengtsson, Mikko Björk, Tor Ström , Jacob Hansson , Adam Carlander and Peter Johansson.

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