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As we’ve all probably realised, planning a surf trip, or any trip for that matter aside from the supermarket is a bit of a nightmare right now.

Planning a trip to West Africa isn’t the easiest of affairs. However we’re making ground, and with a blessing from our partners there, a sweet talking with the Senegalese embassy in Paris and fingers  and toes crossed – we’re on the way shortly for an upcoming short film for Billabong and their new Senegalese man on the ground, Cherif Fall – a name worthy of your attention. 

With little to no international travel in and out of Senegal, and with global shipping prices through the roof, we have it on good authority that there’s a big board shortage for the kids of Dakar and the surrounding areas. So we thought we’d do what we can and fly out with as many boards as we can cram into 2 or 3 coffins and go from there. For those of us lucky enough to not be affected by board shortages, you and I both now you’ve got an old blade stashed away somewhere…. So why not give it a new lease of life? A loving home in warmer waters?  

We’ll be taking old boards, leashes, fins, wetties (kids sizes) and any related surf clobber you can think of. Yes, the airlines will make a fortune on our oversized baggage, but care we do not. 

Please drop any donations at Wasted Talent Boutique, 202 Ave de Remouleurs, Soorts Hossegor, France. Last cut off is Thursday 11th at  midday. We’re in Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm. 

Questions / comments / concerns? Hit up our lead producer, head surfboard mule and all round bon vivant, Alexei at  

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