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El Viento Sobre Los Pinos is a poetic documentary short on Belgian painter Gilbert Herreyns by Barcelona based filmmaker Guillermo Irriguible.

Shot primarily on Super 8mm with scattered 35mm frames edited in, alongside 16mm animations by KinoMANUALEl Viento Sobre Los Pinos is a meditative essay on Gilbert’s present life and past events, as well as a love letter to his home on the island of Formentera, one of the most isolated and wildly beautiful corners of the Balearic archipelago.

The film pays tribute to Gilbert’s method in composing his works, where painting and surrounding nature intertwine.

Dir / Edit / DOP – Guillermo Irriguible
Music – Antarctica Apartment
Animation – Kinomanual
Sound – David Lacasa
Lettering – Oscar Torres
Colorist – Lluís Velamazán

Labs – On8Mil, ANDEC
Drone Kinescope – Rahmen Studio, Berlin

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