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More Micky! Those names that just keep popping up!

If you’re late to the party and need an introduction, delve into our recent conversation here.

The latest short film from Haydenshapes, aptly titled Libération, following Micky’s recent career decisions, is as expected, two minutes of beast mode. With the Ventura native having a grand old time on Hayden’s COHORT__I model. All masterfully captured by Andrew Schoener and Hunter Martinez and expertly cut to the sounds of Swirlies – ‘You’re Just Jealous’ by the latter.

Having worked on refining the board to find a harmony in consistent speed, flow, control and power for varying conditions – and with Micky’s aggressive wave-riding repertoire in mind; Hayden felt it would be ideal for the multitude of beach breaks and points around Ventura. He wasn’t wrong.

“The COHORT has been my all time favorite California board… really versatile in all conditions. Functional, fast, drivey with amazing release” – Micky Clarke

Check out the overview below and get deep on the technical stuff here.

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