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Mauro Diaz made a great impression on us from the very first day we met him.

It was in the midst of Winter 2018—we got the word that Andrew Doheny and Matt Tromberg (the man behind Metal Neck) were in town.

Upon meeting the Newport Beach pair, they were joined by another man by the name of Mauro, who we didn’t know much about. Despite the weather of the week being the polar opposite of Mauro’s home Island of Puerto Rico (read 10°C water, sub zero air temp & rain), his raw approach in the water and bon vivant approach didn’t fall short in seducing us.
That why after three years, in the middle of Euro winter once again, seeing Matt and Mauro release a 18-minute film in the current travel-restricted world warms our heart.
Aquí is a recollection of Mauro’s recent and less recent travels, mixed with a high dose of his local turf and cameo from his friends & Volcom teammates Balaram Stack and  Carlos Goncalves. In true Metal Neck fashion, the clip is as raw as can be: the no makes, color shifts and glitchy footage that will make you wonder if you need to replace your Macbook screen… it all fits the characters that inhabit it perfectly, and we highly recommend checking it out.


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