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Lazar Bodroza‘s Synthesized Memories is a quirky visual essay on the notions of ‘capturing the moment’ and a commentary on the banality of our generation.

Beautifully shot on 16mm by Lazar Bogdanović and edited to an original score by Nemanja Mosurovic, Leanne Levi Rivers’ softly spoken narration highlights the discomforting reality of a generation craving instant nostalgia.

As Bodroza explains – “We always wanted to make a short film or video essay about our young friends, who were born in the late 1990s or early 2000s in Ex Yugoslavia, and their attitude towards nostalgia”.

It’s the kind of visual essay you’d imagine Adam Curtis would make if he was thirty years younger, which reminds us, if you’ve yet to watch Can’t Get You Out Of My Head then you really need to stop what you’re doing and watch part one here.

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