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Remember in the Simpsons when Grampa Abe said; “I used to be with ‘it’ then they changed what ‘it’ was,’

There’s no better adage for growing old, but maybe more so in surfing. You wouldn’t think it, but even Dane Reynolds is susceptible to growing old. Perhaps even not being ‘it’ anymore.

At 29, with life time sponsor Quicksilver going bust, a baby on the way and ‘trying to figure out what’s next,’ you’d grow pretty wary of ‘every bright eyed kid with a sticker on their board’ too. 

And kids are annoying in general. Especially grown kids with cars. Like Jake and his friends, driving from pumping peak to pumping peak, no jobs, no stress, no worries. Very annoying.  

‘I used to hate Jake’ he claimed. But with age also comes wisdom and Danes stepping in to the realms of wise-old-elder. Which is why, he says, he set up CH 11 TV.  To give a platform to kids like Jake who haven’t had it so easy in the age of throw away clips and throw away sponsors. 

Episode 10 follows Dane and Jake as they drive around like the aforementioned, destroying some local beachies in harmony. And as you can see from the clip, the kid’s alright. 

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