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With the end of the world seemingly upon us, it’s becoming increasingly tempting to pack up and leave our rigid, repetitive, daily bullshit rituals behind for one last ride before the apocalypse.

Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But nevertheless, being confined to our homes for the past year with constant travel restrictions in place leads us, to quote the late, great MF DOOM, “on a fast track to half insane”.

That’s why Samuel Dylan Fisher‘s super-8 train hopping documentary No Signal, is a joy to behold.  With the world screeching to a halt in 2020, Sam along with friends Luke Garner and Dennis Ryan Leupen found themselves without a job and aimless. The boys decided to get out of the Covid-19 chaos of Los Angeles. Their goal was Montana, and the means to get there, trainhopping. To them, there was no better way to let out the bottled in energy from being on pandemic lock down. They brought 15 rolls of super 8mm film and documented the journey. The tale that unfolds defines Sunburnt. Not knowing how, but doing it anyway. Worry about everything else and the burn once they’re there… And getting from here, to there, is where they arrive.

A beautiful ode to art of drifting across the great plains of America.

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