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The Milanese skate scene has been thriving since the start of the year and for good reason.

Seeing all the recent edits from Milano Centrale had us looking back and remembering our 2017 visit with Magenta’s very own Leo Valls. One thing that’s impossible to ignore upon visiting Milano Centrale is the local scene, and just how core and welcoming it is, and if one person could embody this authenticity to perfection, it would be Ruben Spelta.

Ruben left a lasting impression on us after meeting him on that trip. At first glance, it’s just impossible not to fall in love with the man’s skating. Everything he does is pure class and take it from us when we say there’s not many people in the world as pleasing to the eye as he is. Being recurring visitors of the train station for years, the bond between the Magenta team and the Milanese scene is as organic as it gets, and we can’t send them enough props for supporting Ruben throughout the years.

Magenta just released ‘Il Fantasista’, a video marking the addition of Ruben to the pro ranks and celebrated by the whole crew visiting him on his home-turf. Filmed by our good friend Andrea Dupré, the clip is a joy to behold and will probably make you want to cop one of Ruben’s pro boards, and book a ticket to the Italian fashion capital once the world opens up.

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