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Vans has been everywhere on the skate and surf scene in the past few months, but especially since the past few weeks.

After hosting Stab High in Costa Rica (more on this in our upcoming print issue), Vans has recently been unveiling the third season of their worldly appraised web series Weird Waves, produced in collaboration with Mr. Dylan Graves. In case you’ve missed episode 1 and 2, along with our poolside interview with Dylan, you can make up for it right here.

This third episode is a rather special one, as instead of focusing on one specific location, Dylan revisits a state of mind we’ve all embodied at one point in our lives—and we hope for some of us, still embody as we speak: the one of the stoked-out grommet. Adequately entitled ‘Children of the Weird’, the episode introduces us to a pleiad of characters who have carved their own little niche, and keep surfing fun and refreshing, wether they’re ten or sixty years old. A joy to behold.

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