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Years of living and breathing our beloved cultures of skate and surf had us yearning for something more.

Long days filming the beaches of France and the streets of Berlin. Long nights making magazines. Cities and Airports and late finishes and early starts. Flying to all four corners of the world in the name of a good time. Truth is that surf and skate has grown up a little, no longer relegated to the fringes of society. And we felt it was high time that we had clothes that reflected that. So we struck out alone. We boarded flights and trains to the fabric mills of northern Italy and the tailors of Naples. We poured over fabrics, obsessed over fit. Sleepless nights, Always with the question, “How can we do it better?” leading everything we do.




So here we are, with some hard work, luck and a large slice of misadventure, a range reflecting our core DNA, the past years of our existence. Inspired by our European heritage and cut to modern silhouettes, with a heavy emphasis on quality, fit and fabrics. Guided by seasonality yet offering a savvy collection of year round styles reflecting Europe’s diversity offering discreet luxury, made by our friends and partners in Italy and Casablanca. Made with the vision of marrying high fashion manufacturing and quality to our beloved surf and skate culture in the hope you will buy less, but buy better and buy to last. All the while taking you from the early morning surf checks in Biarritz to the cocktail bars of London looking your very best.

But you knew that already…

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