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It was back in April when Matt Tromberg, aka Metal Neck, gave us the heads up on his upcoming video via a very excitable DM.

“Yo! I’ve got this new video coming out of this kid Gabe Morvil. He’s 21 and he’s from North Carolina. He’s relatively unheard of. But the kid is fucking crazy good. Easily one of the most talented and best surfers I’ve ever filmed and this clip only shows about 50% of what he’s capable of doing!”.

Having already witnessed what the pair got up to on a trip to Portugal, we await the link with both intrigue and excitement.

Two months pass by.

June 14th and Matt is back in our DM’s, apologising for his hiatus and explaining how he’s basically re-edited the entire clip twice over. Oh the woes of editing, a feeling we know all too well. He tells us the clip will drop tomorrow. It doesn’t. We remind ourselves to be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

And then suddenly, one month on, we spot a new upload on our Vimeo feed. Feeling Nostalgic Today. A reminder of how rad independent surf videos can be, especially when they’re made in true “fuck it”, Metal Neck fashion. Trademark trippy visuals. Stretched out framing. Hectic overlays in the best sense, and an eclectic use of soundbites and music and that’s before we even mention Gabe Morvil’s surfing!

As Matt told us earlier this year, “I think this kid’s gonna be blowing minds pretty soon”.

Based on the evidence above, we wholeheartedly agree.

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