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When it comes to contemporary surf clips, there tends to be a formula.

Some formulas are fantastic. You’ve seen them before. I mean, if something wasn’t good then why would others bother trying to replicate it, right? It tends to be an interpretation of: good music, good surfing, and a hint of travel that leaves you wishing you were anywhere but a broken office chair.

But then there are the bad ones. The videos that follow the wrong formula. The digital equivalent of a cabinet compiled by someone who was reading the IKEA instructions upside down.

You know the ones. The video series and vlogs that, well, do those things — you know those things, those surf video series and vlog things — where they take try to replicate some Hollywood-level production budget with just a few RED cameras and thirty minutes of footage. “I am a surfer who wakes up at dawn so I can salute the rising sun while I neck two exactly cups black coffee and then I put on my inflatable neoprene vest and go off to do some step-offs and a handful of tow-at air-reverses,” that sort of thing. Awful.

Thankfully for us, Adelio’s newest number is one of the good ones. Robbie Rickard, Coby Perkovich, Ethan Solberg, and Chippa are locked in as always. The waves are inviting, the surfing is crisp as could be, and the soundtrack is something you wouldn’t be mortified to realise is playing full-blast off your laptop because you never actually plugged your headphones in. The proper formula, executed.

Filmed by Dan Scott and Jackson Jones.

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