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Liam O’Brien and Toby Mossob are maybe, just maybe, names you’re not quite acquainted with yet.

And it’s a shame if that’s the case. Liam is currently in the top five of the Challenger Series and was that wildcard surfer who beat Filipe Toledo, Jeremy Flores, and Julian Wilson for a third-place finish a the Rottnest event this year. If you watch those things, that’s your point of reference.

Toby comes from the other end of the competitive spectrum, on the other hand. As in he doesn’t really bother with it. He regularly puts out quality edits instead.

Toby and Liam recently got together, because they’re friends and all, and compiled this 18-minute edit. There’s a bit of Australia, a bit of Mexico, and a lot of waves that’ll make whatever sad session you had this morning feel just that much more inadequate.

Edited by our good friend Beren Hall and others.

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