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Photography by Claire Murphy.

The classic surf team video is something that is just so sweet when done right.

It feels just so… I don’t know? Natural? Maybe a Hallmark Channel answer, that, but when you see all the ear-to-ear grins and cheers’ed drinks in sandy parking lots here with team Haydenshapes you’ll understand what I mean.

Watchability factor also shoots up exponentially when the waves and talent correspond as well. As what also happened here. “The team all made the trip from various locales,” says filmer Matt Payne. “We wanted to assemble the US crew for some old-fashioned team trip vibes. Shama took a red-eye from Jamaica. Warren emerged from a dark night in LA. Dylan just got back from Puerto Rico. Nate van-lyfed it from Cambria, while Micky and Jake spot-checked their way down from Ventura. Everyone converged to one central zone to post up for two days with the common goal of surfing their brains out.”




But rather than let the boys go nuclear on their thrusters, Hayden pushed some new Hypto Krypto twins their way and told them to get on. The result? Well, there’re five minutes and forty-nine seconds of backside air revs, tubes, nooners, and more video proof of the entire affair above. Music’s even good, too.

Starring Jake Kelley, Shama Beckford, Micky Clarke, Dylan Graves, Nate Tyler, and Warren Smith. Directed by Matt Payne.

Wasted Talent x Haydenshapes is still available at Wasted Talent Boutique, if you were asking.



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