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Originals November 6, 2021November 8th, 2021

All Together Again Shortlisters Announced!

A few weeks ago we invited you to enter a competition we put together with VERO. 

The premise was simple. You sign up to VERO and submit images that celebrate being #TogetherAgain. Then our judges do their judgy thing and select two shortlisters a week over the course of five weeks. That’s ten winners in total for all the readers who were much better at English in school.

The ten winners then have their selected photo made pretty by our good friends at Blank Prints so they can be exhibited at an art show at our own Wasted Talent Studio here in Hossegor, France. The overall winner will be announced at the following show. We’ll then be giving this grand prize winner $1000 to spend at an independent camera shop of their choice and the opportunity to be published in Wasted Talent magazine. We don’t have any plans to do up some giant novelty cheque for the occasion, but there’s still time for us to change our minds.

But then we changed our mind. We thought, maybe two more winners this week? That sounds good, no? And we ran with it. Guess there are too many talented people in this world and you have to do something about it.

And now I get to do my best Regis Philbin impersonation: Let’s roll out all our shortlisters! We have some new selections joining us this week and they look great alongside our other eight. Can you believe it? We’re at the end of this thing. We are blown away by the quality and quantity of submissions. Really, we are. We are. Anyway, with that…


Ganimat Pashazade



Ganimat grew up in the North of Russia, in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. From childhood, he fell in love with the unique beauty of the region. He manages to capture its specific aesthetics and show the life of both its northern cities and its indigenous nomadic people. He shoots scenery he knows. Endless forests, mountains, snowy cities and flatlands. “My purpose is to show and introduce the life of our region,” Ganimat comments. “So everyone can know the north and of its native people – the Nenets.”


Sam Moody



Sam is from North Carolina, in the United States, but grew up bouncing around the American South. As of now he’s living in Oxford, UK. He spent most of his time as a kid, “Just surfing and being a derelict hence,” he tells us. “That’s why I became a photographer.” Previously he was working at Stab Magazine however he’s recently left and gone his own way as a freelancer.


Alex Puig



Alex is a freelance journalist, photographer, illustrator, and audiovisual producer. He shows his visual style by portraying social movements and realities invisible to the general media spotlight. Specialising in documentary films, he has co-directed the award-winning short documentary “In Between Tracks” and directed the short film “The Last Straw: Portrait of a Sentence” plus multiple photographic series. Now he runs his own production company, Panot Films — shooting documentaries and photographs for social transformation.


Chris Llerins



Chris Llerins is a visual artist from Barcelona, Spain, currently living in Los Angeles, CA. “I see film as a framework to express my own definition of art,” Chris tells us. “An unwrapped roll of infinite space to stretch reality and find within me this garden of nostalgic thoughts and stories I still have to tell.” 


Lea Gsimbsl



Born and raised at the Lake of Constance in Germany, Lea is currently studying communication and design at the State Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Stuttgart. “Photography was always a big part of my life and is still involved in almost everything I do,” says Lea. “If it’s private or for my work.”


Vitaly Golovatyuk



Vitaly is a photography director and editor from Vladivostak, Russia. With a background in IT and finance, he’s a self-taught videographer. He originally moved to China to obtain a master’s in world economics but ended up working as a videographer and editor full time after graduation instead. His vision is what pushes him to create his works and also is what made him quit the corporate world of finance and become a full-time creative. He’s based in Shanghai China, and available worldwide.


Thomas Baronnet



Thomas is just 17 years old and a French student who arrived in Bayonne this year to study law. He is mostly here to surf, though. And take photos. “To be honest,” he says. “That’s how I shot this photo, next to Le rocher de la Vierge in Biarritz. I began to shoot photos in argentique two years ago when I received two of my grandfather’s cameras (a Nikon FM2 and a Nikon F3) that he was using for his work. I fell in love with argentique photos and have been in love since then.”


Bryan Novak



Bryan is a photographer and video editor based in Barcelona. Raised there too, besides Yalta and Belgrade as well. He works in fashion, landscape, and lifestyle photography. Analog and digital, stills and motion. “I draw inspiration from youth and beach culture,” he says. “Between assignments I have started a side project restoring classic Mercedes-Benz vans that I later test on occasional surf trips.” Not a bad way to live it sounds like.


Morgan Rudolph



Morgan is from Naarm, or, Melbourne, Australia. His photography encompasses life, travel and the quiet moments in between. “Working in an analog film lab keeps me inspired and my right brain ticking,” he says. “Give me a full tank of petrol and a bag of film and I’m happy!”


Sandra Jawad



Sandra is 23 years old and born and raised in Örebro, Sweden. She describes herself as a, “…creator always creating.” As in she dabbles in a lot – whether it is creating new relationships, memories, or content.”My passion to create began at an early age when I had the opportunity to travel, and to connect with the global community of thousands of individuals across generations, disciplines, locations, and cultures,” Sandra tells us. “From New York City to Barcelona, from Buenos Aires to Tokyo, and everywhere in-between. I’ve found that one of the most fulfilling things to do in life is to witness the untold stories behind everyday life. So, I began documenting untold stories of people, places, and nature.”


Sarah Deepti



Sarah has always loved photography from a very young age. Growing up in India, she did not have access to fancy cameras. But on her 13th birthday her Dad passed on his film Nikon camera which is still my most treasured possession. “I moved to Sydney in 2014 and fell in love with the Australian landscape,” Sarah tells us. “After meeting my now husband in Uni in Sydney, we decided to call Australia home. After the lessons learned during this Covid season, we decided to quit our full-time jobs and chase our dreams of starting our own media house – Dusk and Brown.” 


Rosa Maria



“Hola, I’m Rosa Maria,” she tells us. “I was born in Bogota Colombia and raised in Puerto Rico. Photography has been an immensely liberating practice throughout these times, particularly analog, mainly because of the integrity it holds when it comes to capturing a frame in time. I’m mainly driven by the elements: light, water movement and people. My aim with this practice is to expose the way I capture the innate collaboration between everything that surrounds us, as I think this tends to be forgotten by the ‘outlets’ and the pace our world is currently trapped in.”


Thank you to our judges for all their hard work. Thank you to everyone who entered the competition. And thank you, VERO, for helping us out along the way. Now, see you all when the gallery opens on the 29th of November!

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