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While I was watching this my roommate walked up behind me.

He hovered, stared for a few minutes, and bobbed his head to the music. He is not a surfer. He has never surfed. Except for that one time when he was ten, he always tell me. “That doesn’t count,” I always tell him back. Anyway, he pottered over, stood too still, and then pointed at the screen. “This looks like something that’d they’d play at Pipes Cafe,” he told me. And then he left.

Pipes Cafe is a local restaurant for tourists, hungover mid-20-somethings, your dad’s weekend coffee group, and groms alike. They serve wonderful pancakes. They are an institution. They also have only been showing the same three movies on their dining area TVs for the last fifteen years: Young Guns II, Loose Change, and a DVD recap of the Rip Curl Pro Search 2006. To have your own place card (whether intentional or not) put by a seat in the dining hall of Surf Core Valhalla along with that company is an immense honour.

And Snapt 4 certainly fits the bill. It’s really only about one actual past-patella boardshort of being the real thing in fact. But it makes up for its shortcomings by starring Asher Pacey, Mason Ho, Jack Robinson, Clay Marzo, Zeke Lau, Barron Mamiya, Parker Coffin, Benji Brand, Ian Crane, Eithan Osborne, Carlos Munoz, Sheldon Passion, and Seth and Josh Moniz, though. I’d consider that a fair trade.

You’re still here? This thing is 50 minutes long. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show.

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