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FM, Originals November 12, 2021November 15th, 2021

Wasted Talent FM #26: Rory Milanes


Consider this a more than apt B Side to Beyond The 3rd Wave. 

It’s our pleasure to present a handful of tracks from an absolute legend of the London scene, Rory Milanes. No doubt Rory’s been hard at work filming for Palace’s latest offering, which has just dropped and blown our collective minds. Watch it above if you haven’t seen it already, or watch it again if you have.    

“Ten of my favourite new records this year including a tape that came out also,” Rory wrote us. “Some new some reissues.”

An immensely varied selection featuring Detroit techno legends, seasonal jazz, iconic Kingston falsettos, and more. Some of these tracks are found in only the deepest Phonica’s crates, so they are sans Spotify. Thankfully we did our absolute best to get them all in one place below. 

Anyway, we’ve strained your retinas enough here. Headphones on, get comfortable, and let things grace your ears. A proper sendoff for the weekend, whatever direction it may be moving in.

Before you go, please consider lending a hand to Rory’s good friend Andrei. You can read about Andrei’s situation and donate through a GoFundMe organised by Rory here. 


The Minstrels — Yours Until Tomorrow 7”

A Jamaican vocal trio from the rocksteady era. Featuring Mikey Chung, Geoffrey Chung, and Lennox Robinson.



Joy Roberts & The Extremes — I am Swept 7”

Extremely rare, superb Studio One cut.



Cornell Campbell – Time for Peace 12”

Legendary Raggae vocalist Cornell Campbell released this EP to mark the 52nd Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination, on the 4th of April of this year. 


Jeff Mills ‎– The Clairvoyant LP X 3

Detroit DJ, techno producer, and composer. Known as the Wizard on account of his technical abilities. The LP Rory recommends can only be previewed, so here’s an introduction to some of Jeff’s finer work below. It’s well worth the listen. 



L.T.  – Mixtape (TTT) cassette 

A cassette released by The Trilogy Tapes on the 8th of January, 2021. Featuring jazz, latin, folk, world, country. 


And here’s the rest…


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