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Who doesn’t love a trip to Marseille?

Earlier this year our good friend Sam Partaix decided to round up the French girls team, as well as UK rider Helena Long, and head south for 10 days to indulge in the Mediterranean spirit of pastis and pétanque, as well as skateboarding all the city has to offer with local Vans rider Chloé Bernard acting as tour guide.

With Romain Batard behind the lens and Rave favourite PJ Chapuis on second cam, Synthesize Me is a joyous ode to skateboarding in Marseille, showcasing just how good the spots and womens’ skateboarding in Europe is right now!

Featuring riders Jeanne Duval, Lisa Jacob, Alix Malnati, Madeleine Larcheron, Romane Panossian, Louisa Menke, Amanda Perez and Miriam Marino.

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