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Seeing as it is a holiday week over in North America, and some of you with an intercontinental-adjacent lifestyle may find yourself over that way, it’s important to have some conversation starters.

There are people to meet! Your fiance’s uncle’s wife could be someone important, someone who has the top office of that tall skyscraper, the tallest skyscraper in Chelsea, you know, the one that keeps blocking your view from the hotel so all you can see is the grey of The Hudson, and that won’t do, in fact, but he’s at the Thanksgiving table with you with her, here, now, so you best impress them because this is your only opportunity. A handshake and, “Hello, how are you doing?” can only go so far. Many of us can get by just fine with a well-timed wink and smile. But if that’s not your Machiavellian angle you can always go for the classic: fun facts.   

Things like, “Did you know Napoleon never actually started a war?” Or, Mozart once wrote a song called, “Leck mich im Arsch?” How about: Did you know Australian surfer Shaun Manners is Irish?

It’s true, and it’s something RAGE choose to play off of while making their pro model grip for Shaun here. Hence the colouring and The Pogues heavy soundtrack. The traction is inspired by the steel non-slip checker plate found usually in the back of trucks and the colour palette is, well, see: everything above. Looks just as good hanging up on the wall of the Phoenix Tavern in Bundoran as it would underneath your feet. Some great surfing by Shaun, too. 

Filmed by Tom Jennings and Dave Fox. Handicam footage by Toby Cregan.  

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