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From the World December 21, 2021

A Year In Review #10: The Birth Of Wasted Talent Studio






It’s been just that, a year. There’s been all the standard highs and lows. Some disappointment but mostly excitement. A few more pesky lockdowns, sure, but mostly drinks in the sun with friends in the foreground and waves crashing onto golden sand beaches in the background, and a slow, heavy-headed subsequent morning looming in the distance, inevitable as another picturesque sunset slipping into the waters west of Pays Basque.

It’s almost overwhelming to think about how much has happened over the past 12 months. Almost. To celebrate it all, we’re counting down the key moments from this year.

And coming in at number 10 is the birth of the Wasted Talent Studio 


Wasted TalentIG2
Wasted TalentIG7
Wasted TalentIG10


How’d it all come about? Well, whilst pottering about in our office, aka the mezzanine above Wasted Talent Boutique (read; Saudi Arabia in summer, Norway in winter), we would wonder longingly about what lay the other side of the wall? What treasures lay within? For all intents and purposes, nothing more than a garage – but oh my! Such potential! We could knock through the walls and do whatever we pleased. A Gallery! A Bar! A Nightclub! All of the above?! So we clinked a few glasses and santé’d to, “Thinking it over.” It only took a few cold drinks for us to come to our realisation, however. We put our hands on each others’ shoulders, channeled our inner Phil Collins, and said the word: “Susstudio.”


WastedTalent : VansDSC_5868
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5995
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5981
WastedTalent : VansDSCF0153 - copie
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5978
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5983
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5980
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5947
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5964
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5961
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5946
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5953
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5945
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5941
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5969
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5938
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5931
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5930
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5906
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5929
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5913
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5907
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5886
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5899
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5887
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5898
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5900
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5902
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5879
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5875
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5873
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5867
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5865
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5870
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5864
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5866
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5853
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5842
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5837
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5836
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5839
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5852
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5830
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5827
WastedTalent : VansDSC_5825


And so entered the Wasted Talent Studio. It was difficult, sure. There were the three years of negotiations with our landlady who, you could say, didn’t share the same aspirations as us. And then our tiler would turn up to work professing his hatred for warm tequila and then proceed to drink warm Sambuca. But, we had the keys. And then, we built. A build led by our builder and trusted confidant, Gregory ‘Syndicate’ Simon. The pieces were in literal place and we were off. It was emotional. It was frustrating. And yet, when we stepped out onto the street with our hands on our hips admiring our completed work, we realised it was also perfect. 


WastedTalent : VansDSCF0093 - copie
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6046
WastedTalent : VansDSCF0078 - copie
WastedTalent : VansDSCF0066 - copie-2
WastedTalent : VansDSCF0073 - copie
WastedTalent : VansDSCF0053 - copie
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6260
WastedTalent : VansDSCF0036 - copie
WastedTalent : VansDSCF0038 - copie
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6229
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6239
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6192
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6200
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6221
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6250
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6172
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6122
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6161
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6170
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6156
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6102
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6036
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6085
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6044
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6010-2
WastedTalent : VansDSC_6014
WastedTalent : VansDSCF0137 - copie-2
WastedTalent : VansDSCF0139 - copie


So, what is Wasted Talent Studio? Well, we’re still not quite sure yet. A retail space. A space for events. A space for photo galleries. A spaceship. A space we had Mikey Wright premier a movie while we offered gratis mullets at one point, in fact. Is it paradise? No, it’s just our little slice of southwest France. But it’s close.




What we do know is that we’re open and ready to welcome you with open arms seven days a week. And despite already having residencies with Vans, Quiksilver, FORMER, and more just this year we’re only getting started. Please come say hello at:


202 Ave de Menuisieurs, Soorts Hossegor, France 40150

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