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If you, like us, like surfing, well you’ve probably got a few old boards lying around.

That old magic stick which you just can’t let go of? That board you didn’t really get on with but don’t have the heart to sell? Well, we knew some kids who were beyond stoked to get those off your hands. On our travels to Senegal, we met a ton of kids who like you, and like us, adore surfing yet sadly struggle to get their hands on the basic equipment to get in the water on a regular basis.



Enter surfboards for Senegal. The concept is simple, you donate boards and wetsuits at Wasted Talent Boutique, and our good friends at Billabong ship them to Senegal, straight to the kids in the communities that need them most. We thought we’d do what we could and flew out with as many boards as we could cram into 2 or 3 coffins and went from there. For those of us lucky enough to not be affected by board shortages, you and I both know you’ve got an old blade stashed away somewhere…. So why not give it a new lease of life? A loving home in warmer waters? 

Old boards, leashes, fins, wetties (kids sizes), and any related surf clobber you can think of. Yes, the airlines made a fortune on our oversized baggage, but care we did not. 

There you go, doesn’t it feel good to do good?


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