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Years in the future — decades, centuries, perhaps even in the next millennia — scientists from around the world (universe?) will come together, shake hands, and share their tools and knowledge that’s outside our current realm of comprehension for a common purpose: to finally find out just how Jeremy Flores keeps on doing it.

While we do know we’re a privileged bunch for many things, one of which is being able to occasionally see the man in action when we nip off for a cheeky lunchtime dip, we know his eternal prowess is no secret. In fact, it’s not like it was ever in question. On his best day he’s a better surfer than anyone in the world. And on his worst day he’s still much better than you’ll ever be on your best day. Simple as that. And all the more entertaining for us. 

Time Zone, Jeremy’s latest clip filmed by Dane Burnheim that follows his free surf exploits from the last few years, is another reminder of all that. 

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