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From the World January 30, 2022February 1st, 2022

Pioneers Of Pipeline


Out of the entire ocean, there’s one small stretch of reef that’s become the most significant place in the world of surfing.

Pipeline. You’re well-aware of its regular fixtures by now. The cerulean water. The mist-heavy, tropical air. The modern coliseum setting where onlookers gather on golden sand to watch waves feather off the second reef and shake the earth as they crash on their way to shore. 

Pioneers of Pipeline is a celebration of the surfers through the decades who’ve left the biggest impression at this wave. Phil Edwards, Gerry Lopez, Mike Steward. Sunny and Kelly. Bruce and Andy.  

Narrated by North Shore lifeguard, artist, and bodysurfing legend Mark Cunningham, the series is comprehensive in its coverage of the men and women who helped shape the way Pipeline is ridden.

With 14-different parts, you’ll have more than enough to watch while you’re looking to kill time between sets on the broadcast. And as a complement to the series, there’s also a four-chapter tribute paying homage to the women who specifically shaped the wave. Narrated by Coco Ho, it’s equally delightful. 

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